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Fact Check Report validates claims to determine if the information provided is indeed correct or false information. dedicated to educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices. Our mission is to inspire action and  a rejection of overtly biased media.
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Each day Fact Check Report selects published fact checks from around the world and reports on the credibility and/or bias of the fact check performed. Further, we review each fact check for accuracy before publishing if that fact check is true or false. Main stream media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy.

Fact Check Report

Fact Check Report verifies claims of false or inaccurate information that is communicated through mainstream media outlets.